Slip and Fall Lawyer Calgary

Do you need a personal injury lawyer in the Calgary area? Lofranco Corriero has successfully been representing the rights of accident victims throughout southern Alberta and the Calgary area, ranking us among Alberta and Canada's most experienced and enduring personal injury law firms.

Slip and Fall Lawyer Calgary

Too often fodder for the funnies, a bad slip and fall is no laughing matter. Also known as premises liability cases, most often, the need for a slip and fall lawyer arises as a result of an owner or operator being negligent around the care, management and maintenance of their own property. Typically this means both business owners and home owners alike. At Calgary area personal injury law firm Lofranco Corriero, we're here to help if you have been severely injured in a slip and fall. We provide a free, no obligation consultation and if you are unable to travel, we can come to you at a time and place of your convenience.

Slip and Fall Lawyer Calgary

Should you require a personal injury lawyer as a result of a serious trip, slip or fall injury, or if you simply have questions pertaining to your rights, we're available to assist you in discovering your options and your entitlement to seek legal recourse. Lofranco Corriero has been serving Mainland Alberta and the Calgary area for over 35 years and we’re proud of our success as an established, experienced and enduring personal injury law firm and family owned and operated business.

Should you feel you may require the services of an experienced slip and fall lawyer, at Lofranco Corriero, we will carefully gather all pertinent details, however, not every slip and fall incident will require a personal injury case or present a case or claim opportunity.

If you have sustained a slip and fall injury, there are several things you should and shouldn't do. Do get the names and address of the property owners and managers; do take names and contact information for witnesses; do save any footwear and clothing from the incident; and do see a doctor if you've been injured. Do get reports from any healthcare professional you attend.

Do not sign anything pertaining to a slip and fall injury without first consulting a personal injury lawyer experienced in slip and fall cases.

Slip And Fall Injuries

Injuries that can result from a slip and fall can extend well beyond a bruised ego and can include a concussion or bleeding head injury, traumatic brain injury (TMI), potential neck or spinal cord injuries, back pain or spinal fracture, limb fractures, internal bleeding or other types of cuts and lacerations that may result in scarring.

Age can often play a role in a slip and fall injury and may also have ramifications for healing. And while assisted living facilities may be inclined to treat a slip or fall injury as commonplace or “expected”, each should be carefully assessed by a medical professional.

Poor facility management, whether at a location such as a retail mall or a construction site are also common environments for slip and fall injuries and accidents.

Most slip and fall accident and injuries in Calgary and across Canada occur during winter months with weather as a contributing factor as icy, wet or snowy pavements, or building interiors can increase the risk. In addition to public spaces, slip and fall accidents also occur with more frequency in winter months at workplace sites.

No-Obligation Slip And Fall Lawyer Consultation

Should you require the professional services of a personal injury lawyer regarding a slip and fall injury in southern Alberta, including Calgary, contact personal injury law firm Lofranco Corriero. Please don’t hesitate to contact Lofranco Corriero at 587-971-3257 for a confidential, free, no-obligation slip and fall injury lawyer consultation in the Calgary area today.

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Slip and Fall Lawyer Calgary
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