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Canadian consumers can obtain long-term disability coverage through their places of employment or as part of group coverage plans. There are also individual plans available for purchase. The basic principle of long-term disability insurance is for the insured and/or their employer to pay regular premiums in order to secure coverage that is intended to provide financial assistance (benefits) in case the insured suffers a qualifying disability. These qualifying disabilities are often caused by motor vehicle accidents or other incidents that result in injuries and inability to return to work. In the event of an actual disability, the process of obtaining long-term disability benefits can be long and confusing. It is not unusual for the insurance companies to deny applications for benefits despite regular payments of premiums and inability to return to work.

If you or your loved one have been recently denied long-term disability benefits by your insurance company, it is important that you don’t take their decision as the last word and learn more about your rights. Lofranco Corriero has experienced lawyers who can help you receive your owed benefits. Our team will examine your long term disability policy and determine if your insurer was unfair in denying your benefits. Call us now at 1-866-LOFRANCO to learn more about your rights and/or to schedule your first free, no-obligation consultation.